ClearMind – 60 Capsules, 275 mg each capsule (Contains Water Only Freeze Dried


Siberian Rhodiola rosea, Superior Rhododendron caucasicum, & Ribes nigrum)



ClearMind® 60 Capsules


ClearMind® a unique proprietary cognitive formula of which its ingredients traditionally have helped people focus, become more clear-headed and vibrant. No other formula comes close to ClearMind®.
Here are the Benefits of ClearMind®:

  • Works to promote all around wellness
  • Helps scattered memory and short term memory loss.
  • Decreased overall stress, anxiety and fatigue.
  • Supports in weight loss

What People Are Saying
National statistics reveal that most people, starting around 40, show a decline in memory, motor skills, energy, sleep duration and have a harder time coping with mental tasks and stress. Long before 40 people also suffer from muscle pain and body aches that can’t be explained by the medical community. ClearMind® helps reverse these issues to help you become more mentally present, aware, and vibrant than ever before due to the combination of ingredients.

This product contains three cutting edge natural plant extracts from Siberia & the Republic of Georgia a geographical area that are some of the best well kept health secrets. It is reported that many Georgians who consume the ingredients found in ClearMind® on a daily basis, live to be over 100 years of age and have enhanced mental & physical improvement.

ClearMind® contains:

Siberian Rhodiola rosea (Golden root) helps you increase concentration and defend your body from the emotional and physical stresses due to its adaptenogenic nature.

Rhododendron caucasicum (Alpine Tea) contains high amounts of polyphenolic antioxidants that can help lower the activity of the lipase-key enzymes in fat metabolism thought to reduce beta-amyloid plague.

Ribes nigrum (European Black Currant) contains polyphenols-anthocyanins that have demonstrated in laboratory experiments to possess the potential to lower inflammation mechanisms. This may lower the risk of developing various other types of problems. Ribes nigrum also helps disperse and suspend dopamine for longer duration of mental activity.

Other formulas on the market generally work in only one area of mental wellness. ClearMind® works to promote all around wellness. If you experience scattered memory, short term memory loss, stress, anxiety or fatigue you will appreciate what ClearMind® may do for you.

Use this product to help sustain remarkable benefits in the fight against stress, short term memory loss, anxiety, fatigue and weight gain.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 60


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